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Which I look for?

I look for constantly Propagandakarten, collecting picture albums, letterheads and envelopes with printed NS symbols more oder similar from the German Reich 1933 - 1945 (World was II) up to the satisfaction of requirements. Purchase or exchange against articles excluded from my web page, from the range Propaganda.

I look for further portogültige stamps in Deutscher euro Währung! They can use your postage-valid stamps also as currencies with a 10%igen anticipated payment for the payment.
As they me an offer to make can…

I buy only article which I before seen (in-scanned picture), or to the opinion dispatched gotten habe.
I take over with a commodity dispatched to the opinion the back transmission costs, however only if the forwarding of your commodity before with me clarified ist.
A price conception would be desired for your part.

All further questions and problems can by telephone or by email clarified werden.

more Über an offer I would be pleased for your part much.

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